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About Us

About us

Kimanil was established by Prof. Yasser Fahmy (PhD Chemical Engineering according to investment law 7/98 at Six of October City, Egypt. Kiamnil was approved from IMC, ITC and SDP to provide training and consulting services to serve the industrial sectors since 2006. Kimanil was approved from quality national institute since 2013 and certified ISO 9001 since 2008. Also, Kimanil train the labors and Engineers from more than 200 industrial companies.
LearnKim is belong to kimanil business to provide training programs at Corporate sites , headquarter of kimanil, online training courses, Blending courses, Webinars and live training ( through virtual class) . The learnkim was developed training programs by the top universities, companies, expertise and professional Instructors.
Kimanil aims to teach peoples the latest skills, to develop organization labors skills, to qualify graduates for career, to grant training certificates and to improve lives through learning.


To provide high quality training /education for everyone, everywhere


To become one of the best training and E-learning platform worldwide


Customer focus / Honesty /Commitment /Respect / Excellence / Transparency

Code of Ethics

Kimanil Academy is committed in all its policies, decisions and dealing with ethical framework


Kimanil since 2005


LearnKim is an online training site which imparts Knowledge and skills to million of users worldwide.

Egypt, Six of October City
+20- 1222614371

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