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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In the course of providing Kimanil for Business (KFB) services and related services to its corporate, non-profit organization and governmental customers (“Customers”), learkim will receive and have access to personal data of individual users to whom customers grant access (“Users”). For the purposes of this privacy statement, Customers are data controllers and learkim is a data processor. kimanil processing of User data and the security measures implemented to protect such data are detailed in and governed by a written agreement between kimanil and each of its Customers.

As a data processor, kimanil will access, store and use the personal data of individual Users solely for the purpose of providing the KFB services to its Customers and will process the data as instructed by its Customers.

As data controllers, Customers decide which of their employees or other authorized personnel are given access to the (KFB) services. They do this by designating one or more KFB account administrators or group administrators (“Administrator”) who have the ability to customize the Customer account, manage individual User accounts, access the KFB Insights tool and related reporting features, access the KFB Administrator tools, and, when instructed by the Customer, populate the Customer account with Customer-provided courses. Customers are solely responsible for establishing policies for and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, relating to the collection of personal information relating to individual Users selected by Customers for accessing the KFB services. Kimanil has no direct relationship with individual Users, who should contact Customers (their employer) for assistance with any requests or questions relating to the processing of their personal information.

For avoidance of doubt, this Privacy Statement does not apply to:

  • any processing of data for the purpose of marketing the KFB service to enterprise and corporate prospects;
  • any other offerings available at Learnkim.com separate from the KFB services, for which the Learnkim Privacy Policy is applicable. A User may already have a account with learnkim to access learnkim marketplace educational content, and data processed as a result of the use of the learnkim marketplace from a User account is governed by the learnkim Privacy Policy.

In the event where learnkim makes any material changes to the manner in which it processes User data to provide its services to Customers, it will notify Customers.

Updates & Contact Info
When we make a material change to this policy, we’ll notify users via email, in-product notice, or another mechanism required by law. Changes become effective the day they’re posted. Please contact us via email or postal mail with any questions, concerns, or disputes.


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